• Runjin was approved as global supplier by Unilever. Our business has reached their Indonesia, Philippine, Australia, South Africa market. And we are keeping an increasing trend on business opportunities. This is a significant milestone for market customers approval.
    Quia probatus est elit a global Runjin Unilever. Negotium nostra creverunt usque in Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Africa Meridionalis foro. Augendae negotium occasiones in in trend, et nos observatio. Hoc enim significant milestone foro customers probat.
  • Runchen established branch office in Taizhou city titled as Taizhou Runjin Machinery Co., Ltd. Runjin Machinery Co., Ltd owns a 4000m2 plant, 60 employees including 15 technicians who are very professional and experienced in machine field.
    Runchen in Taizhou civitatis statutum genere officii est titulus Taizhou Runjin Machinery Co, Ltd Runjin Machinery Co., Ltd speciale alicui 4000m2 plant, LX employees XV inter professionales et technicae periti, qui periti sint agri apparatus.
  • Runchen researched and developed a variety of high-efficiency ice cream equipment, which had been recognized by many customers and get more popular around world.
    Runchen explorato et summus efficientiam glacies crepito developed a varietate apparatu, quod nulla dictis fides et a multis teloneariorum plus popularis circa mundi.
  • We have developed customers on Chile, Australia, Dubai, Mexico, Southeast Asia market. In order to meet strictly requirements in food industry, we set a high international standard about our equipment. All our electrical components and main parts are matched with well-known brand, like Siemens, Bonfiglioli, Schneider, etc.
    Customers developed sumus in Argentina, Australia, Dubai, Mexico, Southeast Asia foro. Ut in occursum stricte requisita in cibum industria, ut internationalis vexillum profectus magno apparatu nostram. Electrica componentibus omnibus principiis et nota notam concrepabunt quasi Siemens Bonfiglioli, Schneider etc.
  • After years of domestic market experience and more reliable relationship built, Renchen started spreading business toward worldwide.
    Domesticis foro post annos experientia idoneum magis necessitudinem built, Renchen coepi ad negotiis worldwide tegant expandentes.
  • The introduction of new development Ice cream formula breaks traditional type and achieves brilliant achievement on 2002. 
    Et introductio novum progressionem glacies crepito est formula traditional genus excipit in MMII uobiscum gerendam efficit. 
  • Runchen was established on 2001.
    MMI Runchen institutus.